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About Handy Brothers - Remodeling Madison, WI - Handy Brothers LLC - We'll do anything... - ...and we mean ANYTHING!
Handy Brothers - We'll do anything...  ...and we mean anything!
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About Handy Brothers: We are the Handy Brothers, bringing quality craftsmanship and honesty to everything we do. We take pride in each and every job, as well as in our clients’ thankful expressions at the end of the day. We have more than 15 years of experience in just about everything!

The Handy Brothers is a business unlike any other; attention to detail, creativity, artistic talent, and a dream are what separates us from the rest. We gain inspiration from nature, the environment, the chance to be unique, and also from the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Sam Maloff, Thomas Moser, and David Savage… all great craftsmen who care about more than just the ordinary.

The Handy Brothers can most often be found being handy in the greater Madison, Wis., area, but we’re always open to furthering our travels. Whether you’re just down the road or a road trip away, we’ll be there to bring your ideas to life. Let us build the projects that your great-grandkids will still treasure 100 years from now.

About Me: Tyson H. Burnett

Some call me "Handy," but on some days I'm also pretty "Dandy." I am founder, owner, and the creative talent behind the Handy Brothers. I learned all my trade skills working aside my dad for many years, starting when I was eight years old by picking up nails in the yard for a nickel apiece! My father taught me the values of hard, honest work, and that coming from a small town, your name and reputation is what makes your business grow.

I also attended an exceptional woodworking school in the southwest of England, where I completed a one-year course in the craft of fine furniture making. Much of my attention to detail and appreciation for finer things came from this experience.

Creativity, hard work, honesty and craftsmanship... I bring everything I know to the table and do my best each day.

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